Learn How To Apply Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey eye makeup has been a trend for quite some time now, and seems as if it is here to stay, seeing that it has grown in popularity. However, there is a knack to applying smokey eye makeup, and, if you continue reading, you will find out all the tricks of the trade, to create this beautiful eye makeup for yourself.

The secret to getting the right smokey eye effect is in the blending, so you have to be sure that the colors you use are blended carefully and properly. Practice blending, and once you have got the knack of it; you will be able to apply smokey eye makeup in about ten minutes.

There is one very important thing to remember when you want to create smokey eyes, and that is to combine base colors that are light with other colors that are rich and dark. For instance, you could use a light gold base color, and use a dark purple above it, or maybe a champagne-colored base, with a bright blue, or even a peach-colored base, and team it with a dark green.

Now, to prepare your eyes to apply smokey eye makeup, use a primer first, which will ensure that your carefully applied makeup stays in place for a long time. Once the primer has dried, you need to apply your liner. Depending on what color smokey eye you are going for, the liner you use should be in the same color range. For instance, if you want a gray smokey eye, you will use a gray liner, and if you want a violet smokey eye makeup, you will use a purple or dark blue liner, and so forth. Using the color you have chosen, draw a line on your upper lid as close to the lashes as possible, making the line thicker in the middle of the eye.

The smokey eye makeup effect extends to the bottom lid as well. To do this, you need to draw a line with the eyeliner pencil under your bottom lashes, and then, using your finger, smudge the line. You can also apply a little eyeshadow here as well, to get the proper effect.

Next, apply your light base color to the whole of your upper lid, right up to the brow bone. Now apply the darker color, making sure to keep it below the crease. The next thing to do is to blend the colors. Starting from the base of the lashes and working in an upward direction, blend the colors carefully. When done correctly, the liner you have applied will almost disappear, and the darker color will be mainly at the crease, fading upwards to the eyebrow.

Check to see that your blending is the same on both eyes, and touch up with a Q-tip if necessary. Apply a few coats to make your lashes thick and dark. Your smokey eye makeup is now complete, and you are ready to go and wow the crowds.